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When the Left Side is the Right Side

An enjoyable part of traveling to a new country is taking a car for a pleasant afternoon ride out in the countryside. Navigating the roads might be a challenge. Following the directions, the traffic rules, and the confusing signs is not easy.

Luckily, there are GPS global locator systems with information is available in multiple languages. These systems tell you were to turn, which exit to take, and where to get off the road in the language you understand. For international drivers it is always a good idea to get an International Driving Permit (IDP). This is only a translation of your legal driver’s license. Nevertheless, with this and your passport, the police may treat you more nicely.

Reverse Driving

There are a few countries in the world where they decided to drive on the left instead of on the right sides of the road. The biggest ones are Japan, Hong Kong (now part of China), and Great Britain. You will find this left-handed driving skill in South Africa as well. Most of the places that have left-handed driving were at one time under the influence of Great Britain.

When Britannia ruled the seas, they also ruled the roads of the countries they conquered. This is why people who speak English in India have somewhat of a British Accent.

Reverse Driver Position

It is not only the rules of the road that are different in the left-handed driving countries. It also includes the position of the driver, which is on the opposite side. In American cars, the driver enters on the left side. In cars made for Britain, the driver enters on the right side.

Driving in another country is almost like learning how to drive again. Left-handed driving is like a mirror image of right-handed driving. It is very easy to make a mistake. This is why it is a superb idea to get foreign car insurance coverage from your trusted insurance agent at Attain Insurance in the USA. Attain Insurance provides auto insurance coverage for driving abroad