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Does Alabama require aviation insurance?

You may have thought that Alabama requires liability insurance and property damage insurance for every type of vehicle, but only wheeled vehicles, actually. You could own a plane and not have to purchase insurance for it though we at Attain Insurance serving Fort Payne, AL wants you to understand why you should still insure your plane.

Of course, although the state law does not require aviation insurance, you probably still want to purchase it. Even those who are independently wealthy would not want to have to replace their plane if it became damaged in an accident or by weather or another common peril. You also would probably not want to pay out of pocket for an accident you caused.

Aviation insurance, also known as aircraft insurance, provides both property and liability coverage for your airplane. It covers a more diverse set of situations than insurance for wheeled motor vehicles does, including losses of cargo, property damage, injuries to individuals, and losses that result from improper aircraft maintenance and use. This policy type provides protection to both the aircraft owner and its pilots and crew.

Some states do require third-party liability coverage for both aircraft owners and aircraft operators. If you move from one of these states to Alabama, your new state of residence does not require that insurance coverage, but you should continue your coverage. This protects you financially and medically since if you were involved in a plane accident caused by another person, they might not carry insurance, but your policy would cover your medical expenses. Aviation coverage also covers the cost of emergency landings and the cost of search and rescue operations.

Contact Attain Insurance, serving Fort Payne, AL with the aviation insurance it needs. Let us help you obtain the insurance you need to protect your finances should you become involved in an aviation accident.