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Common Auto Insurance Exclusions

Your auto insurance from Attain Insurance covers damage to your vehicle and liabilities when accused of bodily injury and property damage. However, you need to understand that your auto insurance doesn’t cover all risks under the sun. Knowing your auto insurance exclusions simplifies the claim process and helps you purchase “add-ons” to boost your auto insurance policy.

Here are the common auto insurance exclusions you need to know:

Business use

Do you use your vehicle to run business errands? Your claim is likely to be ignored if your car is involved in an accident while doing business-related operations. The only way you can mitigate this risk is by upgrading your standard auto insurance to commercial.

Personal items

Has your laptop been stolen from your car? Has your phone sustained damage during a car accident? Your typical auto insurance doesn’t cover loss or damage to your personal belongings. For such losses, you have to rely on your home or renters insurance. Plus, you can consider a personal items “add-on” in your car insurance to cover such risks.

Custom parts and equipment

Usually, typical auto insurance covers parts that are standard in your vehicle. For instance, if you have a built-in radio or GPS system, your insurance may repair or replace the item when calamities strike. However, custom equipment isn’t covered by your auto insurance. These include items like a detachable sound system, engine tune-ups, and custom-designed seats.

Racing events

Typical car insurance won’t cover damage and injuries sustained in racing and stunting events. However, you can purchase a “rider” to cover perils associated with these car events.

Driving outside the US

Your typical car insurance ceases to operate when you leave the US borders. For instance, if you have an accident with your car in Mexico, your standard auto insurance won’t cover the damage. As such, it’s wise to talk to your insurer when you want to drive outside the country.

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