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Home Insurance Does Not Include Flood Insurance

Let’s talk about the real chance of having flood damage. Attain Insurance wants to remind everyone in the Fort Payne, Alabama area that flood insurance is a separate insurance policy that every homeowner needs on top of any basic home insurance policy.

Not everyone home is in the U.S Federal flood zone. Most mortgage lenders will not agree that the homeowner insurance is adequate unless there also is an additional insurance policy that provides flood insurance for homes located in the 100-year flood zone.

Sometimes an extra flood insurance policy is better even if not required as part of the closing process of getting federal-backed or federally-insured loan.

  • Flood Insurance is Always a Good Idea – It does not matter if only the mortgage lender requires this flood insurance coverage.
  • Perceived Risk – The difference is the perceived risk based on the 100- year flood plan.
  • Old Statistics are Not Reliable – Getting flood insurance is based on a statistical choice and not necessarily an accurate one.

Some people do not realize that regular home insurance, which covers such things as theft, fire, and property damage, does not cover damage caused by floods. Flood insurance is a separate insurance policy, which everyone needs to consider, even if not required by the mortgage loan.

Contact Attain Insurance today, so that a competent insurance agent can give you fantastic advice about your existing policy or a new home insurance policy plus a flood insurance policy that you are considering.

Attain Insurance is the “go-to” insurance agency in Fort Payne, Alabama and the surrounding areas to get the best deal and to be sure you have adequate home insurance coverage to protect your property, the valuable assets, and the people who live there.

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