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How Does Aviation Insurance Work and Who Does It Protect?

If you own and operate a private aircraft around the Fort Payne, AL area, you know you want aviation insurance to help you with costly repairs when it gets damaged. But will a simple policy from Attain Insurance cover all your bases? Check out the common portions found in many policies and how they work.

In-Flight Insurance Provides Protection for Your Machine

The in-flight section of your insurance allows you to file a claim to repair damage after encountering something like a flock of birds or suffering a lightning strike while you are in the air or moving on the ground. Like your auto insurance, you pay a deductible and receive a check for the balance of the damage.

Public Liability for the Unthinkable

Should your plane ever encounter a catastrophic failure mid-flight, you need to have the right insurance on board to compensate your passengers, innocent bystanders injured on the ground, and substantial property damage limits. Even a minor incident can be a major financial strain on your assets or your family’s inheritance should the worst happen.

Ground Risk Helps to Repair Your Plane After a Damaging Storm

Whether you park your plane in a hangar or on the strip at your local airfield, it is possible for the machine to receive major damage from a tornado, hail storm, fire or flood that has nothing to do with the operation of the plane. The ground risk portion of your policy helps you to get back in the air without breaking your bank.

As with all insurance products, it is always wise to sit down with your agent at Attain Insurance to discuss your particular situation and budget before deciding on the right aviation insurance to fully protect your Fort Payne, AL lifestyle.