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Why Your Entire Family Should Have Life Insurance

Life insurance is a touchy subject for most people. Although many people see the value of having a life insurance policy, having a conversation about their death isn’t a priority to them. If you are like most people, delaying a conversation about life insurance can be a costly financial mistake. In fact, if you aren’t having the conversation about taking care of your final expenses, then it’s likely you haven’t considered what you would do in the event of the demise of other members of your family. Both conversations are necessary to secure a life insurance for your entire family.

Americans Aren’t Saving

Life insurance is a financial contract between you and your insurance provider. In the event of your demise, your life insurance provider will likely help your family cover the cost of your final expenses. It’s important for you to take steps now to ensure your family has the financial means to pay off debts you leave behind. In this day and age, life insurance is likely the best option to do so. In a recent survey conducted by MarketWatch in 2015, they discovered that only 62% of Americans had less than $1,000 in their savings account. With such little savings, and no life insurance, how would you cover your final expenses? How would you cover the final expenses of other family members?

Final Expenses Are Increasing

The Federal Trade Commission includes basic service fees, the cost of the funeral home’s staff, charges for the services, and cash advances as final expensive costs. Beyond that, you may consider the cost of medical bills as well. In fact, the median cost of a funeral per the National Funeral Director Association is $8,508 for 2014, an increase of nearly 30% from 2004. With the cost of funerals increasing and no savings, how will you cover the cost of a funeral?

Although it’s difficult to consider your death, and harder to consider the death of a child, you want to make sure you aren’t financially strapped if the unthinkable happens. At Attain Insurance, we offer a variety of life insurance policies you can choose between for your entire family. Our licensed life insurance agents can give you a quote for a policy that covers your entire family. Give us a call today, or visit our website for more information.