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Common Flood Insurance Exclusions

Flood insurance can save your property on a rainy day, literally. Floods can result in significant damage, which can harm your finances significantly. But wait! Won’t home insurance cover the damage? We are sorry. Standard home insurance doesn’t cover flood damage, leaving you to cover such damage out-of-pocket.

Now that you need flood insurance in Fort Payne, AL to protect your home from floods, do you know about flood insurance exclusions? Like most insurance policies, flood insurance has exclusions and limitations. Attain Insurance takes you through common risks not covered by your flood insurance policy.

Loss of use

Home insurance will likely cover additional living expenses if a covered loss makes your home unlivable. However, this might not be a perk of standard flood insurance, especially if purchased through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Please consult your insurance agent to determine whether "loss of use" is covered.

Self-propelled assets

Your self-propelled assets, like your vehicle and aircraft, are unlikely to be covered by your home’s flood insurance policy. When flooding damages your vehicle or aircraft, you must claim the damage from your auto or aircraft insurer.

Outdoor property

Flood insurance covers your main dwelling. As such, flood insurance may not protect your fence, swimming pool, and shed. However, you can consult your flood insurance provider to find out what properties are excluded.

Internal floods

Has your house flooded because of a faulty tap or leaky pipe? Flood insurance won’t cover the resulting damage. You will have to file a claim with your home insurance provider.

Earth movement

Flood insurance won’t cover the damage to your house if sinkholes or earthquakes cause it, even if the cause of the earth’s movement is floods. You will have to seek compensation from your earthquake insurance for such damage.

Want to learn more about flood insurance? Want to purchase flood insurance in Fort Payne, AL? Please get in touch with Attain Insurance for all your flood insurance solutions.