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Find Out Your Commercial Insurance Requirements in Alabama

Do you need to have commercial insurance if you operate a business in Alabama? The simple answer is yes, though the type of policies you require depends on different factors. An agent from Attain Insurance of the Fort Payne, AL area can assist you with such matters.

Commercial Insurance Considerations in Alabama

For one, it’s not necessary that you have commercial liability insurance for your Alabama business since Alabama is a fault state where the plaintiff can only get compensation if they share no liability for an accident. However, it’s beneficial to have this in place because lawsuits do happen. In most cases, your liability insurance will cover at least a portion of the legal costs when your business is involved in a lawsuit. It also covers bodily injury, personal injury (libel, slander, wrongful eviction, etc.) and property damage if this occurs at your place of business or on a worksite. You’ll want to double-check the specifics of what is offered in your policy.

Workers’ Compensation

It is required that you have workers’ compensation insurance in Alabama if your company employs 5 or more people who aren’t related to you by blood and it also doesn’t apply to contractors. This is regardless of their status as full or part-time employees.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Since auto insurance is required in Alabama for all drivers, it stands to reason that the state also mandates commercial auto insurance if you’re driving a vehicle for business purposes. This also should cover employees who use business vehicles.

An Attain Insurance agent in Fort Payne, AL can give you further information, like determining what your minimum coverage and deductibles should be for your commercial insurance policies. 

What Coverage Do You Need With Your RV Insurance

Being able to travel around the country knowing that you already have your living arrangements within your transportation is amazing. Having a recreational vehicle (aka RV) is a vehicle that many individuals look forward to obtaining for a long time. Insurance is both for your safety of those that occupy it plus the financial investment that you put into it. 

Here at Attain Insurance, we are an agency that serves the residents of Fort Payne, AL. We aim to ensure that all of our clients receive the insurance they need. RV’s are financial investments that need to be protected as they serve as transportation and short/long term homes to individuals. When an individual/family believes that it is a great move for them to invest in an RV, it is important to protect that asset. Here is some advice on why you need recreational insurance for your RV. 

Having RV insurance can cover you from situations including at-fault accidents. The financial expenses of property damage and/or bodily injuries should be included within your policy. The amount of coverage depends upon your RV size and the appropriate amount for your RV needs. RV insurance also covers situations that are out of your control including theft, vandalism, and weather damage. If you are not sure what type of insurance is best for you, our team will do our best to pair you with the best policy for your wants and needs. 

Are you ready to start shopping for your recreational insurance? One of our representatives can assist you if you would like to call or email our office, and an agent will respond to you in a timely fashion. 

3 Things You Should Know About Aviation Insurance

Because this form of insurance is not often needed by the general public, it’s not unusual for pilots and owners in Fort Payne, AL to miss certain details about aviation insurance that would be useful for them to have. Attain Insurance wants you to know more, so you’re as informed as you can be before an event occurs. 

Determine Who You Want to Fly the Aircraft 

Who’s operating the aircraft is important to the insurer as this can ultimately affect the odds of an accident happening either on the ground or in the air. If you’re not sure who will be in the cockpit making the decisions, then you may want to wait until you’ve carefully considered all your options. 

You Need to Consistently Review Your Policy 

Ideally, you’ll be doing this at least once a year, but preferably more. A lot can change from the time you set up the policy, whether it’s a personal change in your life or change on behalf of your carrier. For example, has your carrier updated its protocol or terms recently? Do they still process claims the same way? Have they maintained their reputation in the community? Having this information can help you decide whether to adjust your policy or go with a different carrier. 

It Helps to Have Someone to Talk To

Those in Fort Payne AL may not have the time to read through their whole policy, but it takes far less time to call someone who can give you the most important facts. If you have questions about aviation insurance, Attain Insurance is ready to take your call. Not only can we point out important clauses that you may have missed, but we can also make suggestions if you need additional coverage. 

3 Ways Flood Insurance Can Protect You

Flood insurance can be invaluable in protecting your Alabama home against flooding. Floods are quite common in Alabama, putting you at risk of suffering extensive damage to your home or losing your valuable belongings. Flood insurance from Attain Insurance, Fort Payne, AL, can protect you against the damage that floods can cause. Here are just a few ways flood insurance can protect your home, belongings and financial assets.

Building Protection

Flood insurance protects your home against water damage to its foundation, walls, built-in carpeting, cabinets, built-in appliances, plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems and other structural components. It only takes a few inches of floodwater to devastate your home’s structure. Having flood insurance will enable you to recuperate your losses so you can recover from a flood disaster. Flood building coverage has a limit of $250,000.

Contents Protection

Flood insurance also provides content coverage that protects your belongings. This includes your clothes, furniture, artwork, electronics, sports gear and other possessions. If any of these items are damaged or destroyed in a flood, your contents coverage will cover repair or replacement costs, minus your deductible and up to the limits of your policy. You can purchase contents coverage for up to $100,000 to protect your valuables.

Protection Against Financial Loss  

By compensating you for damage to your home and loss of personal property, flood insurance can keep you from financial loss. Flood waters can cause extensive damage to a home and destroy everything you own in a relatively short amount of time. Without insurance coverage, you may never recover from a flood disaster. Flood insurance gives you a chance to recuperate from your loss so you can move on. 

To purchase a flood insurance policy for your Fort Payne, AL abode, call or visit your Attain Insurance agent today.

Who Should Consider Obtaining Classic Car Insurance?

If you have a classic car or plan to purchase one, you should learn more about classic car insurance and who is eligible for this type of policy. There must be certain criteria met to obtain this coverage, which is designed to protect classic car owners from losses and reimburse them for a set amount if there is a covered event.

Classic Car Insurance

Those who own classic cars generally must be licensed drivers for at least 10 years with a good driving record. Additionally, the vehicle should not be the primary source of transportation for the owner. In most cases, there is a strict mileage limit per year. Classic car insurance protects the occasional driver for local cruising or for a car show, etc. If you plan on obtaining classic car insurance, the underwriter will evaluate the vehicle and verify it’s value. The policy will reflect that value and pay only up to that limit. To find out more about classic car insurance options in your area, work an experienced insurance agency.

Get The Right Coverage

There are many ways to tailor a classic car insurance policy to meet your needs. The underwriter will generally need to set more terms and conditions, however, and will require documentation to ensure you follow the guidelines if there is a covered event. For example, you can’t race a classic car and still be covered by the policy. Your insurance professional will thoroughly explain all of the limitations before you make a purchase. Those who live around the Fort Payne, AL area can rely on Attain Insurance to give them the answers they need to make an informed choice.

If you own a classic car or vehicle, you should call or stop by Attain Insurance, serving Fort Payne, AL, for more details and information about coverage options. 

What does RV Insurance cover?

If you own an RV in the Fort Payne, AL area, you most likely have an RV insurance policy in place. However, not all RV policies are created equal, and it is essential to understand precisely what coverages you have under your policy. An agent at Attain Insurance would be happy to discuss your RV coverage today and make sure the policy is custom-designed to fit your needs. 

Standard coverages

Bodily injury and property damage liability will cover you for liability resulting from an accident that causes an injury or property damage to a third party when you are driving your RV. This coverage will also assist with legal fees if you need to defend yourself in court. 

Uninsured/underinsured property damage and bodily injury

In the event you are in an accident with a driver who has no insurance or insufficient limits, this coverage will help pay for your injuries as well as damage to your RV. 

Medical bill coverage 

Medical bill coverage will help pay for you and your passengers’ medical costs in the event you are in an accident regardless of who is at fault. 

24/7 roadside assistance 

If your RV breaks down, this optional coverage will mean a tow truck will be sent to take you to a mechanic to be fixed. 

Personal property coverage

Personal property coverage will help replace the personal property inside your RV in the event it is damaged or stolen. Be sure to keep an inventory list of your property in the RV.

Pet coverage 

Pet coverage will help cover the medical bills of your pet if he or she is injured in an accident. 

If you are interested in learning more about RV insurance, reach out to an agent at Attain Insurance today. We proudly serve the Fort Payne, AL area. 

How Does Aviation Insurance Work and Who Does It Protect?

If you own and operate a private aircraft around the Fort Payne, AL area, you know you want aviation insurance to help you with costly repairs when it gets damaged. But will a simple policy from Attain Insurance cover all your bases? Check out the common portions found in many policies and how they work.

In-Flight Insurance Provides Protection for Your Machine

The in-flight section of your insurance allows you to file a claim to repair damage after encountering something like a flock of birds or suffering a lightning strike while you are in the air or moving on the ground. Like your auto insurance, you pay a deductible and receive a check for the balance of the damage.

Public Liability for the Unthinkable

Should your plane ever encounter a catastrophic failure mid-flight, you need to have the right insurance on board to compensate your passengers, innocent bystanders injured on the ground, and substantial property damage limits. Even a minor incident can be a major financial strain on your assets or your family’s inheritance should the worst happen.

Ground Risk Helps to Repair Your Plane After a Damaging Storm

Whether you park your plane in a hangar or on the strip at your local airfield, it is possible for the machine to receive major damage from a tornado, hail storm, fire or flood that has nothing to do with the operation of the plane. The ground risk portion of your policy helps you to get back in the air without breaking your bank.

As with all insurance products, it is always wise to sit down with your agent at Attain Insurance to discuss your particular situation and budget before deciding on the right aviation insurance to fully protect your Fort Payne, AL lifestyle.

Are You Required To Purchase Flood Insurance In Some Instances?

Flood insurance is a government, national program designed to provide homeowners with protection from a variety of flood and water-related threats. It is important to know that this type of insurance is usually not required, but it is necessary or required in instances where the risk of flooding or experiencing a natural disaster is higher?

Is Flood Insurance Ever Required?

In most instances, purchasing flood insurance can be optional, but it can be required in certain situations. For example, if a home buyer purchases through a government agency or uses a government home buying program they will be required to carry flood insurance. Additionally, if they live in an area known to flood or experience frequent disasters such as a hurricane, they will also be required to carry flood insurance. To find out if this is necessary for an area where a purchase is an option, consult the real estate agent and insurance agency located in the area. Together they can help outline the requirements and insurance available for the area in question.

Working With Insurance Agents

Working with an insurance agency is a great asset to a potential home buyer. They have in-depth knowledge of the policy options for the area, as well as requirements for flood insurance. A good agent can sit down with a home buyer and explain how the coverage works and how it can benefit the policyholder. Additionally, they can also help complete the purchase and file any claims that occur during the covered period. This can be convenient and reduce stress if an incident occurs where flooding impacts the home or structure. Residents who live near Fort Payne, AL should contact Atain Insurance to find out more about the national flood insurance program. 

Don’t take risks with personal assets such as a home. Get the flood insurance coverage necessary to help prevent losses as a result of flooding in the area. Fort Payne, AL residents can call or stop by Attain Insurance to schedule an appointment to speak with a representative to learn more. 

Fort Payne, AL Classic Car Ownership

Owning a classic car can be one of the most enjoyable experiences for those understanding historical interests.  These types of cars are also able to appreciate in value and often see additional improvements for the desirability of ownership when being restored as classics.  Enjoyment may also include involvement with car shows and other types of events to showcase the classic.  With so many reasons for classic car ownership, it’s nice to have a good company ready to answer any questions about insurance.  The experienced staff at Attain Insurance can discuss specific ownership options with a classic and provide additional information about coverages.

Maintaining a classic car in the best condition is something many owners have figured out with numerous resources available.  Restorations of classics can range from interior improvements to additional restoration efforts for the exterior of the car.  The availability of parts is better now and restoration services are easier to find in many communities or nearby with the location of larger cities.  Serving Fort Payne, AL, the experienced staff at Attain Insurance can talk to you about these types of restorations and the estimated valuations of your classic car.

Building a good relationship with an insurance company can be part of smart planning with classic car ownership. Attain Insurance offers additional information on their website with office hours and helpful resources.  You can stop by their location or contact them by phone to discuss your investment as a classic car owner.  A good insurance company is important when it comes to deciding on valuation.  Fort Payne, AL is a nice community with many fans of the classic car eras.  Having a rare classic can be such an enjoyable way to see the flexibility with restorations and further understand the amazing improvements with this industry.


What Is the Purpose of a Whole Life Policy?

Whole life and term life policies serve two very different purposes. Individuals who want to buy insurance for a specific number of years will look into a term policy. Those who are looking for a way to secure their family’s future if something happens to them will want a whole life policy. The agents at Attain Insurance serve the residents of Fort Payne, AL and help them find the right type of life insurance to meet their individual goals. 

It Lasts Your Whole Life

Unlike a term life policy, a whole life policy is meant to remain in place until you pass away. The premiums are higher than a term policy because the end date for the policy is unknown. if you live for five years or fifty years, the policy will remain in place and continue to build equity and value.

Protects Your Family

A whole life policy is designed to secure your family’s financial future if you pass away and leave them without your income. Most whole life policies will pay out a large sum of money that is intended to provide for your family for two, three, or five years after your passing. Unlike a term policy, a whole life policy will pay out the full amount of the policy no matter how much you have paid into it. 

Residents who live in Fort Payne, AL and want to learn more about whole life insurance and how it can benefit their family can call the agents of Attain Insurance. They have the answers you are looking for and can help you determine just how much coverage you need to have in place. Call today!