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What does RV Insurance cover?

If you own an RV in the Fort Payne, AL area, you most likely have an RV insurance policy in place. However, not all RV policies are created equal, and it is essential to understand precisely what coverages you have under your policy. An agent at Attain Insurance would be happy to discuss your RV coverage today and make sure the policy is custom-designed to fit your needs. 

Standard coverages

Bodily injury and property damage liability will cover you for liability resulting from an accident that causes an injury or property damage to a third party when you are driving your RV. This coverage will also assist with legal fees if you need to defend yourself in court. 

Uninsured/underinsured property damage and bodily injury

In the event you are in an accident with a driver who has no insurance or insufficient limits, this coverage will help pay for your injuries as well as damage to your RV. 

Medical bill coverage 

Medical bill coverage will help pay for you and your passengers’ medical costs in the event you are in an accident regardless of who is at fault. 

24/7 roadside assistance 

If your RV breaks down, this optional coverage will mean a tow truck will be sent to take you to a mechanic to be fixed. 

Personal property coverage

Personal property coverage will help replace the personal property inside your RV in the event it is damaged or stolen. Be sure to keep an inventory list of your property in the RV.

Pet coverage 

Pet coverage will help cover the medical bills of your pet if he or she is injured in an accident. 

If you are interested in learning more about RV insurance, reach out to an agent at Attain Insurance today. We proudly serve the Fort Payne, AL area. 

How Does Aviation Insurance Work and Who Does It Protect?

If you own and operate a private aircraft around the Fort Payne, AL area, you know you want aviation insurance to help you with costly repairs when it gets damaged. But will a simple policy from Attain Insurance cover all your bases? Check out the common portions found in many policies and how they work.

In-Flight Insurance Provides Protection for Your Machine

The in-flight section of your insurance allows you to file a claim to repair damage after encountering something like a flock of birds or suffering a lightning strike while you are in the air or moving on the ground. Like your auto insurance, you pay a deductible and receive a check for the balance of the damage.

Public Liability for the Unthinkable

Should your plane ever encounter a catastrophic failure mid-flight, you need to have the right insurance on board to compensate your passengers, innocent bystanders injured on the ground, and substantial property damage limits. Even a minor incident can be a major financial strain on your assets or your family’s inheritance should the worst happen.

Ground Risk Helps to Repair Your Plane After a Damaging Storm

Whether you park your plane in a hangar or on the strip at your local airfield, it is possible for the machine to receive major damage from a tornado, hail storm, fire or flood that has nothing to do with the operation of the plane. The ground risk portion of your policy helps you to get back in the air without breaking your bank.

As with all insurance products, it is always wise to sit down with your agent at Attain Insurance to discuss your particular situation and budget before deciding on the right aviation insurance to fully protect your Fort Payne, AL lifestyle.

Are You Required To Purchase Flood Insurance In Some Instances?

Flood insurance is a government, national program designed to provide homeowners with protection from a variety of flood and water-related threats. It is important to know that this type of insurance is usually not required, but it is necessary or required in instances where the risk of flooding or experiencing a natural disaster is higher?

Is Flood Insurance Ever Required?

In most instances, purchasing flood insurance can be optional, but it can be required in certain situations. For example, if a home buyer purchases through a government agency or uses a government home buying program they will be required to carry flood insurance. Additionally, if they live in an area known to flood or experience frequent disasters such as a hurricane, they will also be required to carry flood insurance. To find out if this is necessary for an area where a purchase is an option, consult the real estate agent and insurance agency located in the area. Together they can help outline the requirements and insurance available for the area in question.

Working With Insurance Agents

Working with an insurance agency is a great asset to a potential home buyer. They have in-depth knowledge of the policy options for the area, as well as requirements for flood insurance. A good agent can sit down with a home buyer and explain how the coverage works and how it can benefit the policyholder. Additionally, they can also help complete the purchase and file any claims that occur during the covered period. This can be convenient and reduce stress if an incident occurs where flooding impacts the home or structure. Residents who live near Fort Payne, AL should contact Atain Insurance to find out more about the national flood insurance program. 

Don’t take risks with personal assets such as a home. Get the flood insurance coverage necessary to help prevent losses as a result of flooding in the area. Fort Payne, AL residents can call or stop by Attain Insurance to schedule an appointment to speak with a representative to learn more. 

Fort Payne, AL Classic Car Ownership

Owning a classic car can be one of the most enjoyable experiences for those understanding historical interests.  These types of cars are also able to appreciate in value and often see additional improvements for the desirability of ownership when being restored as classics.  Enjoyment may also include involvement with car shows and other types of events to showcase the classic.  With so many reasons for classic car ownership, it’s nice to have a good company ready to answer any questions about insurance.  The experienced staff at Attain Insurance can discuss specific ownership options with a classic and provide additional information about coverages.

Maintaining a classic car in the best condition is something many owners have figured out with numerous resources available.  Restorations of classics can range from interior improvements to additional restoration efforts for the exterior of the car.  The availability of parts is better now and restoration services are easier to find in many communities or nearby with the location of larger cities.  Serving Fort Payne, AL, the experienced staff at Attain Insurance can talk to you about these types of restorations and the estimated valuations of your classic car.

Building a good relationship with an insurance company can be part of smart planning with classic car ownership. Attain Insurance offers additional information on their website with office hours and helpful resources.  You can stop by their location or contact them by phone to discuss your investment as a classic car owner.  A good insurance company is important when it comes to deciding on valuation.  Fort Payne, AL is a nice community with many fans of the classic car eras.  Having a rare classic can be such an enjoyable way to see the flexibility with restorations and further understand the amazing improvements with this industry.


What Is the Purpose of a Whole Life Policy?

Whole life and term life policies serve two very different purposes. Individuals who want to buy insurance for a specific number of years will look into a term policy. Those who are looking for a way to secure their family’s future if something happens to them will want a whole life policy. The agents at Attain Insurance serve the residents of Fort Payne, AL and help them find the right type of life insurance to meet their individual goals. 

It Lasts Your Whole Life

Unlike a term life policy, a whole life policy is meant to remain in place until you pass away. The premiums are higher than a term policy because the end date for the policy is unknown. if you live for five years or fifty years, the policy will remain in place and continue to build equity and value.

Protects Your Family

A whole life policy is designed to secure your family’s financial future if you pass away and leave them without your income. Most whole life policies will pay out a large sum of money that is intended to provide for your family for two, three, or five years after your passing. Unlike a term policy, a whole life policy will pay out the full amount of the policy no matter how much you have paid into it. 

Residents who live in Fort Payne, AL and want to learn more about whole life insurance and how it can benefit their family can call the agents of Attain Insurance. They have the answers you are looking for and can help you determine just how much coverage you need to have in place. Call today!

Does Commercial Insurance Cover Damages to Vehicles and People in the Parking Lot?

Commercial insurance does a great deal to help make sure that business owners are safe and sound. It covers a huge range of different things and works to help you feel secure and to make sure that your patrons and your employees are safe as well. For those that live in the Fort Payne, AL area, the agents with Attain Insurance can help you to find the coverage that fits your needs.

Commercial insurance covers a wide range of things including helping with damages and injury to your patrons, as long as they are inside the building. Your commercial policy, unless otherwise stated, does not cover damages, does not cover injury, and does not cover any sort of event that happens in the parking lot of an establishment. This is because there are too many unknown variables in the parking lot of business. There may be damage that is not the fault or the responsibility of the business owner, that is not something that can be prevented, and there may also be an injury that is not the fault of the business owner.

Your commercial policy is going to cover injuries to patrons that are inside the building unless of course, the injury is due to negligence on your part as the business owner. Your commercial policy does a great deal, but there are some limits to what your coverage will do and what you can get out of your commercial policy in terms of paying off settlements and other issues. For those that live in the Fort Payne, AL area, the agents with Attain Insurance can help you find the appropriate commercial policy and the right coverage amounts that you need to be protected no matter what.

Why Is It Important To Review Your RV Insurance Policy Annually?

When you own an RV in Fort Payne, AL, it’s important to have a policy that you can rely on. Your policy should be reviewed annually to ensure that it offers the level of coverage that you need.

Working with an insurance agent at Attain Insurance can make it easier to know what the best coverage is based on where you go and what you can afford.

Things can change at any time. You may decide to take your RV to another part of the country. You may add a few bells and whistles on the RV, too, ensuring that you maximize its use. When you do these kinds of things, you have to look to see if your existing policy is providing you with enough coverage.

For example, if you don’t have coverage for vandalism and you’re planning on parking it in an area where there is a higher crime rate, it might be time to add more to your policy. Similarly, if your RV is worth more because of what you’ve added, this should be taken into consideration with your liability levels.

Additionally, rates can change. Every insurance company uses a slightly different formula for calculating premiums. If a particular insurance company has had a lot of claims in your area in a year, your premiums may go up even though you, personally, didn’t file a claim. By working with a professional insurance agent, they can help you to get the best deal. Much of this comes from getting multiple quotes to compare premiums against. It could end up saving you quite a bit through the year.

Contact us at Attain Insurance today to learn more about your RV insurance policy. We can review your coverage and make suggestions to ensure you have what you need to protect your investment in Fort Payne, AL.


Secure Your Investment With Aviation Insurance

Purchasing a helicopter for either recreational use or commercial is an investment that should be financially protected. Purchasing aviation insurance with Attain Insurance can secure your helicopter investment. Our agents ensure that aviation insurance is available for residents in or around the Fort Payne, AL community and provide the types of coverage that will protect the customers and the helicopters.

In-Flight Insurance

When purchasing a policy, it is important to ensure that motion or in-flight coverage is available. This coverage refers to any damages or injuries that occur while the helicopter is in motion. This coverage is critical, as most of the damages incurred in Alabama occur during this operational time frame. When drafting an aviation policy, it is critical to outline this coverage specifically, especially if your helicopter is used for excessive use either recreationally or commercial. 

Passenger Liability

Helicopters have the capabilities to hold several passengers when in motion. Should an accident occur with the helicopter and passengers are on the craft, your insurance will cover any damages or medical expenses associated with the liability claim. Passenger liability is a type of coverage that may be required based upon your pilot license, so including it in your aviation policy is a necessity. The financial obligations of not having liability coverage can cause excessive debt for you in the event that your passenger has a serious bodily injury or suffers a fatality. Should such an accident happen, it is highly recommended to be thoroughly covered on liability.

Secure Your Helicopter Investment Today

Our agents at Attain Insurance understands that different aviation crafts can desire different coverage needs. Protect your helicopter today by contacting one of our agents for more information. Our agency proudly serves pilots and aviation owners in and around the Fort Payne, AL area. 

Does Flood Insurance Cover Owner Caused Floods?

Don’t Wait Until The Water is Rising To Call Us

We don’t like to think about when we will need to use insurance. Insurance is just for the just in case. Most of us think that our homeowner’s policy will carry us through most home calamities. The fact is that it does not. Standard home insurance does not cover flooding at all. In fact, it may help toward some rain damage – but when it comes to an actual flood and the damage that occurs,  a standard home insurance policy will not suffice. 

Does Flood Insurance Cover Owner Cause Floods?

Flood Insurance does not cover floods caused by homeowners or other residents of the home or guests of the home. Flood insurance covers floods that are caused by extreme weather events and conditions.  Unfortunately, the damage is the same. Home insurance may cover some damages caused by individuals. It is important to discuss the points of coverage with an experienced agent today. Chances are if you have a potential flood starter in your home i.e a young child you can find out if a special rider can be attached to your policy.   

Is It Easy To Attain Insurance?

The short answer – yes. Here it is easy. At Attain Insurance our name says it all. Educate yourself about what your individual needs are as a homeowner and then, by all means, attain insurance. In addition to flood insurance, the experts at Attain Insurance also specialize in Classic Car, Home, Life, Commercial, RV, and Other Insurance products. So Fort Payne, AL 35967 where a knowledgeable agent can assist you. You can give us a call today and we can discuss how flood insurance can lead to more comprehensive protection for you and your family. 

How to Include Life Insurance in Your Retirement Planning

As Fort Payne, AL citizens consider retirement, it’s important they factor life insurance into their retirement plans. At Attain Insurance, we want you to have a life insurance policy that benefits and adds to your retirement. Here is what you need to know about how to consider including life insurance in your retirement plans.

Use Your Policy to Build Cash Value

A permanent life insurance policy will build cash value. That feature online offers you a number of possible avenues to use that cash value towards your retirement and retirement planning. As the cash value grows, it can become a tax-free source of retirement income.

You can also borrow from your policy’s cash value. You can even use the cash value to pay your insurance premiums. You will have to plan how your cash value will grow then look into more of what you can do with it.

In general, your policy’s cash value will give you a highly flexible source of income that you can use to seed every part of your retirement plan. If you choose a life insurance policy that doesn’t accrue cash value, you can still use to help with your retirement planning in other ways.

Use Your Policy as an Investment

Various types of life insurance plans exist. Some plans can help you specifically with retirement by offering an investment aspect with the life insurance benefits. You should consider a policy that supports the financial planning of your retirement.

Right along with your other retirement investments, your life insurance policy can serve as another way to get the most out of your retirement. For example, a term life insurance policy can cover expenses should you pass away. However, the money you save with a term policy can go towards other investments.

A life insurance policy can work with any retirement plan in Fort Payne, AL, but you must first speak with a knowledgeable agent about your options. To learn more about using life insurance with your retirement planning, contact Attain Insurance today.