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It’s Spring Again ! – Spring Cleaning Tips for Automobile Lovers

Now that the weather is once again turning to pleasant it is a wonderful time to get out, enjoy the outdoors and get some chores done at the same time. Spending a Saturday as the car wash has never been more fun or easier than right now. 

  • It’s a Great Way to Get Some Exercise – Washing the car is a fantastic way to get toned and tan all for free right in your very own driveway. If you make this a regular practice you will be astounded at all of the weight you can take off by getting out there and getting active. Now you have a clean buggy to sport around your new bod. 
  • Keeping Your Change in Your Pocket – Car washes can cost well over twenty dollars and this is not including detailing. Think of all the money you will save by doing it yourself! 
  • You Can Use the Products You Approve Of – You never know what the professionals use when you take the car in for a wash. Now you can use the products you trust on your car. 
  • Get the Family Involved – Make this a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy. Don’t be surprised if a spontaneous water fight ensues.

Now that you’ve given yourself the best deal on a car wash, find out how to get great automobile insurance at Assure-Us, a trusted and reliable insurance agency serving all areas in and around the North Miami Beach, FL area. Visiting our website at ensures you will have access to a wealth of information regarding all insurance types. Spring, the time of new beginnings is the perfect juncture to reassess all of your car, and home insurance needs.