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How much life insurance is enough

How much life insurance is enough is not something that has one definitive answer. Many individual and personal factors contribute to the final figure. Even the final figure will not be the same for a lifetime. Having someone you trust to guide you when it comes to your life insurance is a big help. In Fort Payne, AL, Attain Insurance is your locally owned independent insurance agency. Our goal is to give you the best insurance at the best possible rate. We will do the shopping for you from the many top carriers we represent. 

Many things affect the amount of life insurance that is enough for you. One is your age. When you are very young or very old, chances are the amount of life insurance that will be enough for you will be considerably lower than it will be in the prime family years of your life. During your prime working years, your employer may provide life insurance that will bolster the amount you require to provide for yourself. 

You will need the most life insurance during the years when you have young children or a spouse who doesn’t work outside the home. Many experts suggest having between seven and ten years of income in life insurance. This may seem like a huge amount but if your children are young, it may not even be enough to see them to adulthood. A lot may depend on what you have for savings, the amount of your mortgage, and how young your child or children are. It is also important that you are able to find a policy you can afford for the amount you need. This is where an independent insurance agent can help. 

If you live in or near Fort Payne, AL, Attain Insurance is here to offer you the benefit of our insurance experience.