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Creating and storing a home inventory

If you have been putting off making a home inventory or failed to understand why it is important, now is the time to decide to go for it. You will realize how helpful having an inventory can be when you file a claim. At Attain Insurance in Fort Payne, AL, we are here to help you with the purchase of your home insurance policy and any claims that you may need to make. 

Making a home inventory is a time-consuming occupation. It would be best if you got a pad and pen to write things down, a phone, or a camera to take pictures. You go to one room at a time in your home and document everything in that room. Give as much detail as possible, and when possible, give the brand name and any identifying numbers on the items. Take pictures of the room from several different angles and attach any receipts of sales slips that you may have. 

Open every drawer, cabinet, and closet. Remember to go to the attic, basement, garage, and every storage unit under the bed. Document the books in your bookcase and the holiday decorations in your attic. You will likely be surprised by the amount of stuff that you actually own. 

After you have completed the inventory, you need to find a safe place to store it. Storing it in your home is not the best option, but if it must be there, make sure it is stored in a fireproof, water-resistant container. A safe deposit box is a better option. No matter where you store it, please have a copy on the cloud so you can access it anywhere. 

If you have questions about home insurance, contact our office at Attain Insurance in Fort Payne, AL. As independent insurance agents, we can offer more choices and the best rates. 


Three Ways Home Insurance Protects You

As a homeowner, you know how much you do to protect your home. One of the most important things you can do for this is to have home insurance. It protects you in several ways; no homeowner should be without it. If you need a home insurance policy, we’re here to help. To get your home insurance in Fort Payne, AL, call us at Attain Insurance. 

Home Protection

Having home insurance will protect the home itself. This is perhaps the best-known type of protection this insurance provides. When a covered incident, such as certain disasters or calamities, happens, the damage caused to the home is covered. This allows you to get the repairs paid for by the policy. Without home insurance, you would be responsible for paying all of these bills, which can cause thousands or even more. It’s important to always have this coverage for as long as you own the home. 

Possession Protection

When a covered incident happens to your home, it may not cause damage to just the structure. The items inside the house may also be damaged, ruined, or destroyed. When this happens, your home insurance policy can replace the items. It can pay for replacements that would be too expensive to pay for on your own. 

Liability Protection

If someone comes to your property and gets injured there, they may have a lot of medical bills. You’re responsible for paying those bills. When you have home insurance, the policy will pay your bills. This is coverage that many people don’t think about, but it’s great to have it just in case of an accident. 

Get Your Home Insurance Policy

If you’re in Fort Payne, AL, and need a home insurance policy, call us at Attain Insurance.

I don’t have any kids and I don’t own a home. Is life insurance a good investment?

Most of us have heard of life insurance but may not fully understand its benefits or who should invest in it. Life insurance policies can be flexible and designed to fit a set period or a lifetime. Our team at Attain Insurance is committed to helping Fort Payne, AL residents understand life insurance and get the coverage they need.

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is designed to pay a set lump sum of money to a person(s) or beneficiary in the event of your death. Your beneficiaries can use the money any way they see fit. You can purchase or invest in a term policy for a set period of time. You can also purchase a lifelong or full-life policy that will last for the duration of your entire life. Typically, your rates are better or less expensive the younger you are when you invest in life insurance. 

I don’t have any kids, and I don’t own a home. Is life insurance a good investment?

It may be difficult to see the value of life insurance if you’re childless and don’t own a home. Finding a benefit in insurance that pays another person when you aren’t financially responsible for anyone may seem unnecessary. However, there may still be some benefits that life insurance can provide. If someone else had to pay for your burial, life insurance may have benefits that would apply to you. Life insurance may be a good investment if you have any bills that need to be paid upon your death. Whether you have dependents, a spouse, or a mortgage, there may still be a benefit in investing in life insurance. Call us if you have more questions about life insurance and its benefits. We’d be happy to answer all of your questions.

How to Keep Your Home Safe in the Winter Months

Winter can be an exciting time filled with fun snow activities and the Christmas season. Unfortunately, it can also come with more risks of damage to your home or higher energy bills. When the winter months arrive, you might want to know how to care for your house as a homeowner. The following tips might help you protect your home and save money during winter.

Protecting your home during the winter

Have your roof inspected

Before winter hits, having your roof inspected by a professional is a good idea. Sometimes, a professional can spot cracks or other issues that need to be fixed so that water and snow don’t leak through and ruin your home.

Inspect and prepare your pipes

Winter can be hard on your pipes. If they are not properly insulated, they could freeze and burst. Damaged pipes mean flooding, which means more damage and money down the drain.

Clean gutters regularly

Your gutters can get dirty and filled with debris. This can cause a blockage. When they get blocked, water builds up. It can then freeze in the winter, breaking or damaging the gutters.

Check windows and doors.

If your windows and doors are not sealed properly, they can let in a lot of cold air, using more energy to heat your house. It can waste a lot of money. Check your windows and doors and make sure that they are sealed. This can save a lot of money over time.

Check that the house is well insulated.

If your house is not well insulated, you will lose heat faster, which drives up your energy bill. Check your house to ensure it has enough insulation, and fix it if it doesn’t. Your home will feel warmer, and your bank account will thank you.

Contact us

For more information about home protection, contact us at Attain Insurance in Fort Payne, AL.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Home insurance covers damages from perils such as fire, lightning, vandalism, and wind. Other dangers such as earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes are covered by a combination of your home and auto insurance. 

While everyone needs insurance, not all types of insurance are suitable for everyone. Reach out at Attain Insurance in Fort Payne, AL to learn more.

What Much to Know  

Your home is generally not covered against earthquakes, floods, or tornadoes. If you live in an area prone to natural disasters, such as the West Coast, you may want to purchase a policy covering earthquakes, flooding, and wildfires. 

If your home is worth $150,000 and you have $5 million of artwork hanging on the wall, your home insurance won’t cover a fire that burns a single painting. If you buy a new car worth $50,000 that you later sell for $20,000, your possessions will likely be worth less than they were when you bought them. 

Depending on your situation, you may want to invest in additional coverage to protect your home from significant financial losses. This can be critical if you own a business or have large investments. While your home is likely to be your largest asset, you can protect it with various insurance options. 

Home insurance may also cover lost wages if your home is uninhabitable during a covered event and may insure certain events that are not covered by other types of insurance, such as earthquakes. 

The insurance can also cater to structural components of your home, including the main structure, foundations, floors, ceilings, and walls. It can include home contents such as furnishings, electronics, and other valuable items that would be difficult to replace if damaged or stolen. 

Key Takeaways 

A home is a large investment, so it is vital to have a home insurance policy that will cover the costs of repairing or replacing your home in the case of a covered loss. For consultations in Fort Payne, AL, contact Attain Insurance.

What coverage comes with home insurance in Alabama?

People that live in Fort Payne, AL need to ensure they spend time properly assessing their housing options. For many, owning a home is a great long-term housing option as it offers a range of benefits including price appreciation. If you would like to purchase a property in this area, you need to make sure that you have the right insurance coverage for it. A home insurance plan in Alabama offers several benefits. 

Protection for Dwelling

One type of coverage that comes with home insurance is protection for your dwelling. Your home will likely end up being the most valuable asset that you will ever own. Due to this, ensuring it is properly protected is very important. If you get home insurance, you will have the protection needed to repair the property if it is damaged and needs major repairs. 

Liability Support

A property owner is going to take on some liability risk on a regular basis. If your home has an issue that results in damage to another person’s property or a guest is injured while visiting, you could be held liable for various damages. With a home insurance plan, you will have the protection you need to mitigate this liability risk. This could help to keep you financially protected during some difficult times. 

Owning a home is a great housing option for those in the Fort Payne, AL area. As you are looking for a way to protect your home, you should speak with the team at Attain Insurance. There are a lot of choices to make when looking for home insurance and the professionals at Attain Insurance can help you choose a plan that is ideal for your situation. This will ensure that you and your home are properly covered at all times. 


Pets are an integral part of the family for millions of residents in Alabama state. Living with pets can be fun, entertaining, and even relaxing, but it doesn’t always go so smoothly. Some pets have a particular knack for getting up to mischief. In Alabama, homeowner’s policies are explicit in that any sort of damage caused by your pet to your home or personal property will not be covered. Do you know its possible to find a cover included in your home insurance that covers accidental damage and doesn’t exclude damage caused by your pet? We at Attain Insurance in Fort Payne have a dedicated policy expert team always ready to assist you in finding the right policy as per your needs.

What pet cover will home insurance provide?

Property damage liability: This home insurance policy will cover if your pet destroys someone else’s property. Your insurance will provide the fees to repair the damaged property as well as any legal fees from a potential lawsuit.

Bodily injury liability: Homeowners policy provides coverage for damages arising from injuries caused by your pet to your guests or injuries caused by your pet to tenants and guests in someone else’s house.

Accidental damage: This type of policy can cover your pets, causing unintentional damage to your building and your contents.

How much coverage do I need for my pet?

Your homeowner’s policy has a liability limit.’ To understand your potential pet liability cost and the amount of coverage you need, think about the amount it may cost for medical expenses and probable lawsuit.

If you want to ensure you have adequate coverage in place, an umbrella policy is an added layer of protection that provides a much higher level of coverage to your pet financially.

Are you a pet owner in Fort Payne, Alabama? Call us or visit our Attain Insurance website for more information!

Why do you always need insurance on your Alabama home

The biggest asset and investment that most people will ever own is their home. When you do own your own property it is very important that you have it properly covered by insurance. One of the best ways to do this today is through a full home insurance policy. While it is not always necessarily required for you to have home insurance, there are several reasons why you need to make sure that you always have insurance on your Fort Payne, AL area home.

Asset Protection

The main reason that people need home insurance is that it will provide them with asset protection. When you own a property, you will be making a major financial commitment. Having home insurance will help to protect this commitment and investment.

Liability Concerns

When you own a property you are also taking on liability risk. If someone is injured while in your home, you could be found liable. The liability insurance component of your home insurance policy will provide you with the coverage that you need against these risks. 

Peace of Mind

Ultimately, having home insurance will give you peace of mind. While you can be as diligent as possible, there are always risks that are outside of your control. When you have a full home insurance policy in place, you will have peace of mind that you will be covered if something goes wrong. This could give you personal comfort and help you to sleep at night.

When you are shopping for insurance for your Fort Payne, AL area home, you should reach out to the team at Attain Insurance. The professionals at Attain Insurance are fully aware of the home insurance needs of homeowners. They will help you get into a great policy.

Why Is Home Insurance Needed?

Many people look at home insurance as “just another” expense that they have to endure. However, there is a good reason to have home insurance in Fort Payne AL. With the help of Attain Insurance, you can even ensure that you have the coverage needed to protect you against virtually anything that could happen.

First of all, home insurance is required by your mortgage company. If you don’t own your home outright, you will have to have an insurance policy. It’s the mortgage company’s way of protecting their investment.

Second, you want to know that your home is protected. If your home gets broken into or there is a house fire, you want to file a claim with the insurance company knowing that you are taken care of. Otherwise, you would have to be financially responsible for repairs or replacements on your own.

A home insurance policy will provide you with coverage on your home’s structure, the belongings inside of it, liability protection, and more. Plus, you’re covered against damages from fires, lightning strikes, storms, break-ins, and various other catastrophic events.

It’s also possible to build a policy to provide you with more protection than a standard policy provides. For example, you can add riders for flood damage, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. You can also protect your detached garages, add liability protection if someone gets hurt on your property, and for various other scenarios. With greater protection, you reduce the risk of having an insurance company deny your claim when something has happened.

Since you never know what could happen, the best thing to do is have a home insurance policy in place.

When you’re in Fort Payne, AL, it’s easy to protect your home. At Attain Insurance, one of our independent insurance agents can talk to you about home insurance and help you with your policy.






What Can Be Bundled with Home Insurance?

Paying your insurance premiums each month can be difficult and can often take time and a great deal of extra effort to keep all your policies straight. That being said, it can also cost you a great deal of money. There are some ways however that you can take the stress out of paying your premiums each month and one way is to bundle your policies. For those that live in the Fort Payne, AL area, the agents with Attain Insurance can help.

There are a large number of things that can be bundled with your home policy. Basically, any policy that is offered through your home insurance company can be bundled with any type of insurance that the same company offers. If you have a company that offers home, auto, motorcycle, commercial, life, or any other insurance, you can in most cases bundle your policies. The best way to determine if you can bundle a policy is to take the time to talk with an agent or to discuss with your insurance agency if you are able to bundle.

In many cases, you can bundle just about any policy to help cut costs, make paying your premiums easier each month, and to help ease the process of paying your insurance premiums each month. Bundling policies helps to get you a break on overall cost in most cases, which is the main draw, and can even get you other benefits. Talk with an agent about if you can bundle policies or not. For those in the Fort Payne, AL area, the agents with Attain Insurance can help you to get the perfect insurance bundle so that you can be sure you are fully insured and ready to face any issues that may arise.