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Some misconceptions to be aware of about RV insurance

It’s important for you to purchase RV insurance if you own and travel in an RV in Fort Payne, AL. We provide RV insurance policies to consumers to Attain Insurance.

The following are a few misconceptions you should be aware of when it comes to RV insurance.

An RV is covered by a standard auto or home insurance policy.

You need to invest in an insurance policy that specifically provides RV coverage. A home insurance or auto insurance policy is not going to provide adequate coverage for your RV.

RVs are distinct from vehicles because they contain features like sleeping quarters and more. They also contain many more of an RV owner’s possessions than a standard automobile will. These are some of the main reasons why investing in an RV insurance policy is important. 

RV insurance automatically provides bumper to bumper coverage.

You need to read the fine print on your RV insurance policy. It won’t necessarily provide bumper to bumper coverage. There could be certain components of an RV that won’t be covered under a policy. That’s why it’s so important to understand the details and add on any coverage that you notice is left out where possible. 

Personal property within an RV will be covered under a homeowners insurance policy.

You need to also read the fine print regarding coverage for your possessions under your RV insurance policy. Some RV owners assume that their home insurance policy will cover damage to possessions within their RV. However, this is not necessarily the case. 

We can help you learn more about your RV insurance options in Fort Payne, AL. Get in touch with us at Attain Insurance to learn more.