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What Does a Fort Wayne, AL Insurance Company Consider as a Classic Car?

Not every old or vintage car qualifies for classic car insurance in Fort Payne, AL. Many insurance companies, including Attain Insurance, offer specialized classic car insurance, but you need to understand how a classic car is categorized.

Defining Classic Cars in Fort Payne, AL

In Alabama, many different versions of the criteria define a classic car. If your vehicle meets specific criteria, you can register it as a vintage car in the state.

However, insurance companies have their own criteria for classic car designation. They may base your vehicle’s classic car designation on a combination of one or more of the following:

  • Age of the car, with 20 or more years old most typical
  • The condition of the car
  • How much of the original design and features the car retain
  • Make and model of the car
  • If the car has historical significance
  • How you use or plan to use the car

No universal rules exist for insurance companies.

Do I Want Classic Car Insurance?

Classic car insurance typically costs less. The car will see less driving and activity, which lowers the risk profile. Insurance companies may impose strict limitations or requirements for a classic car to be eligible for or maintain classic car insurance. In addition, a classic car’s value is an agreed-on or stated value. This means you state the car’s value and back it up with documentation or an appraisal. If the insurance company agrees, that static value becomes your covered amount.

Even with classic car insurance, you may want additional or specialized coverage for certain aspects of your car. For example, if the automobile has high-value, rare, or unique parts. If you display the car or bring it to shows, you may also want coverage for certain aspects of your process.

If you have a classic car in Fort Payne, AL, or want to know if your classic or vintage car is eligible for our classic car insurance, contact Attain Insurance right now.