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Are You Required To Purchase Flood Insurance In Some Instances?

Flood insurance is a government, national program designed to provide homeowners with protection from a variety of flood and water-related threats. It is important to know that this type of insurance is usually not required, but it is necessary or required in instances where the risk of flooding or experiencing a natural disaster is higher?

Is Flood Insurance Ever Required?

In most instances, purchasing flood insurance can be optional, but it can be required in certain situations. For example, if a home buyer purchases through a government agency or uses a government home buying program they will be required to carry flood insurance. Additionally, if they live in an area known to flood or experience frequent disasters such as a hurricane, they will also be required to carry flood insurance. To find out if this is necessary for an area where a purchase is an option, consult the real estate agent and insurance agency located in the area. Together they can help outline the requirements and insurance available for the area in question.

Working With Insurance Agents

Working with an insurance agency is a great asset to a potential home buyer. They have in-depth knowledge of the policy options for the area, as well as requirements for flood insurance. A good agent can sit down with a home buyer and explain how the coverage works and how it can benefit the policyholder. Additionally, they can also help complete the purchase and file any claims that occur during the covered period. This can be convenient and reduce stress if an incident occurs where flooding impacts the home or structure. Residents who live near Fort Payne, AL should contact Atain Insurance to find out more about the national flood insurance program. 

Don’t take risks with personal assets such as a home. Get the flood insurance coverage necessary to help prevent losses as a result of flooding in the area. Fort Payne, AL residents can call or stop by Attain Insurance to schedule an appointment to speak with a representative to learn more.