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The Importance of Aviation Insurance

Aviation insurance is a must if you own an aircraft. There are different types of insurance, including hull coverage and liability coverage. A thorough insurance policy should have both of these coverage types, though only liability is required for aircraft. If you need aviation insurance, contact us today at Attain Insurance in Fort Payne, AL.

Liability Insurance

There are two types of aviation coverage that are both included in an aviation policy, though others can be added. The required coverage types include bodily injury liability and property damage liability. Neither of these coverage types includes coverage for your injuries or for your aircraft’s damage. Bodily injury liability pays for medical bills for someone injured in an incident involving your aircraft as well as lost wages and can include certain other costs. Property damage liability pays for damages done to property such as another craft, buildings, etc. These two coverage types can help you to avoid lawsuits as well as paying thousands out of pocket after an incident. 

Hull Insurance

Aircraft hull insurance gives you coverage for your aircraft. It protects you against damage that happens to it whether it is on the ground, taxiing or is in flight. There are a number of options available for aircraft hull insurance, so it’s important to work with your insurance agent to get just the policy that you need and want. 

Aviation Insurance Costs

There are many factors that go into the price you will pay for aviation insurance. The size and make of your plane are important as are the training that you have and your flight history. It also depends on how often you fly and why you fly. With different types of flights come different risks. 

Get Your Aviation Insurance

Never leave an aircraft without an insurance policy. To get one, call us today at Attain Insurance in Fort Payne, AL.

Why You Need Flood Insurance Right Away

The state of Alabama is unfortunately naturally more prone to natural disasters, such as storms and hurricanes. These types of disasters can easily cause flood damage to your home or your business property. For this reason, you should consider flood insurance right now. 

Attain Insurance in Fort Payne, AL is proud to offer flood insurance to residents in Alabama. We work with several providers to provide the best possible options for your home or business estate, and our advisers can help you make sense of our quotes or explain what type of coverage is the most relevant one for you.

Flood insurance is important for the above reasons, but if you still need some convincing on why you should get flood insurance, then we listed some additional reasons for you below:

Waiting Periods

In many cases, it takes around 30 days for flood insurance plans to start their coverage. Therefore, if you wait for the weather reports to warn you of a storm, you might be too late already. Insurance companies usually have increased demands during those times as well, which can mean higher prices.

Floods Cause Inside and Outside Wreckages

You might feel that your property insurance is comprehensive enough or that your condo association covers the structures of your property. But in most flood cases, floods cause damage to both the inside and outside of your property, which includes your household items. 

If you live in the state of Alabama and want to receive a flood insurance quote for your home or business property, call Attain Insurance in Fort Payne, AL today, or contact us via our website. Because we work with several providers, we will provide multiple quotes for you to choose from.

What Are the Benefits of Classic Car Insurance?

No matter how often you drive your classic car, insurance for your vehicle is important. Attain Insurance knows that when you drive your classic car in Fort Payne, AL, you may simply cruise on the weekends or head to car shows. Insurance for classic cars is different because you want to protect a car that could grow in value, so knowing about your policy options is crucial.

Do you want to know more about the benefits of classic car insurance? Here’s what you need to know before you choose a policy.

Classic Car Insurance Protects the Vehicle’s Value

When you buy a classic car insurance policy, you preserve the value of the vehicle. While other cars tend to depreciate in value, classic cars grow in value. This means you need adequate protection for your vehicle.

Classic Car Insurance Provides Liability Coverage

Any car that you drive on the road requires liability coverage. You need to ensure that your vehicle meets Alabama’s state requirements for liability protection in case you are determined responsible for an accident.

Classic Car Insurance Provides Roadside Assistance

When you own a classic car, not just any roadside assistance policy will do. You may have a special plan for your classic car that ensures your vehicle will only be towed by a flatbed truck to prevent damage to your investment.

Classic Car Insurance Provides Auto Show Policies

Auto shows can present their own types of challenges. Some classic car insurance policies may provide reimbursement for injuries and damage at exhibits and events, for instance.

Get Classic Car Insurance Today

Are you ready to protect your investment? If you live in Fort Payne, AL, contact Attain Insurance to learn more about getting the right coverage to suit your needs.

How much life insurance is enough

How much life insurance is enough is not something that has one definitive answer. Many individual and personal factors contribute to the final figure. Even the final figure will not be the same for a lifetime. Having someone you trust to guide you when it comes to your life insurance is a big help. In Fort Payne, AL, Attain Insurance is your locally owned independent insurance agency. Our goal is to give you the best insurance at the best possible rate. We will do the shopping for you from the many top carriers we represent. 

Many things affect the amount of life insurance that is enough for you. One is your age. When you are very young or very old, chances are the amount of life insurance that will be enough for you will be considerably lower than it will be in the prime family years of your life. During your prime working years, your employer may provide life insurance that will bolster the amount you require to provide for yourself. 

You will need the most life insurance during the years when you have young children or a spouse who doesn’t work outside the home. Many experts suggest having between seven and ten years of income in life insurance. This may seem like a huge amount but if your children are young, it may not even be enough to see them to adulthood. A lot may depend on what you have for savings, the amount of your mortgage, and how young your child or children are. It is also important that you are able to find a policy you can afford for the amount you need. This is where an independent insurance agent can help. 

If you live in or near Fort Payne, AL, Attain Insurance is here to offer you the benefit of our insurance experience. 

Is a commercial insurance plan needed in Alabama?

Owning a business continues to be an ultimate professional goal for a lot of people. Those that would like to start a business need to choose a good location for it. The Fort Payne, AL area can be a great location as it has a good population base and a strong economy. As you are looking for coverage here, you need to get commercial insurance. This coverage is needed for a few reasons.

Insurance Covers Business

A reason to have a commercial insurance plan is so you can cover your business. A commercial insurance plan offers several coverage types that can help your business during some challenging times. This includes coverage to protect all of your business assets against risks associated with theft, accident damage, fire, or other forms of loss. You will also receive coverage to mitigate your commercial liability risk. 

Insurance is a Requirement

You should also get a commercial insurance plan because it will likely be a requirement for you and your business. Commercial insurance is going to be required for any business that has a bank loan, brought on investors, or have entered into a commercial lease. These investors and other stakeholders understand the value that coverage provides, and they typically require all businesses to obtain it due to the value of the coverage. Not having this coverage could lead to a violation of various agreements. 

Those that are going to run a business in the Fort Payne, AL area will want to ensure that they are properly covered with commercial insurance. As you are looking for insurance in this part of the state, calling Attain Insurance can be a great option. The team with Attain Insurance understands the value f this coverage and will help you build an ideal plan. 

Does Alabama require aviation insurance?

You may have thought that Alabama requires liability insurance and property damage insurance for every type of vehicle, but only wheeled vehicles, actually. You could own a plane and not have to purchase insurance for it though we at Attain Insurance serving Fort Payne, AL wants you to understand why you should still insure your plane.

Of course, although the state law does not require aviation insurance, you probably still want to purchase it. Even those who are independently wealthy would not want to have to replace their plane if it became damaged in an accident or by weather or another common peril. You also would probably not want to pay out of pocket for an accident you caused.

Aviation insurance, also known as aircraft insurance, provides both property and liability coverage for your airplane. It covers a more diverse set of situations than insurance for wheeled motor vehicles does, including losses of cargo, property damage, injuries to individuals, and losses that result from improper aircraft maintenance and use. This policy type provides protection to both the aircraft owner and its pilots and crew.

Some states do require third-party liability coverage for both aircraft owners and aircraft operators. If you move from one of these states to Alabama, your new state of residence does not require that insurance coverage, but you should continue your coverage. This protects you financially and medically since if you were involved in a plane accident caused by another person, they might not carry insurance, but your policy would cover your medical expenses. Aviation coverage also covers the cost of emergency landings and the cost of search and rescue operations.

Contact Attain Insurance, serving Fort Payne, AL with the aviation insurance it needs. Let us help you obtain the insurance you need to protect your finances should you become involved in an aviation accident.

When to Get RV Insurance for Your Vehicle

RV insurance for Fort Payne, AL models may or may not be necessary, depending on what you own. We at Attain Insurance can help you better understand whether you need a policy or not.

When to Buy RV Insurance

An excellent recreational vehicle is often quite expensive to purchase – some may cost as much as a house – which is why insurance is almost always a good option for your car. In Alabama, self-propelled campers or trailers need insurance because they are no longer a trailer. As a result, when you plate and register your RV, you need RV insurance to keep it safe and legal to drive on the road.

When your RV is a trailer or is something that you haul behind your vehicle, you may not need to get insurance. That said, it is usually a good idea to get a policy to protect your RV anyway because they are so expensive and may be prone to many types of damage. People who use their RV regularly may also want to get insurance if they:

  • Plan on using it several weeks or even for months at a time
  • Likely will travel long distances with this vehicle in tow
  • Want to avoid many types of severe damage problems
  • Invest in multiple RV models for a variety of reasons

It is also a good idea to get insurance for your RV if you don’t fully own it, renting it, or are worried about liability issues. Most lenders will require that you have liability coverage on your RV to keep it safe and to ensure that you don’t get into a severe lawsuit in an accident.

Get Help Today

If you’re still confused about your Fort Payne, AL RV insurance and want help, make sure to reach out to us at Attain Insurance to learn more about your potential options in this driving situation.

Does Your Light Plane Need Aviation Insurance?

If you’re learning to fly, or you’ve purchased a plane, you may have questions about aviation insurance. Specifically, whether it’s required in the state of Alabama or not. Fortunately, Attain Insurance can help. We’re committed to helping customers in the Fort Payne, AL area with their insurance needs, and that includes protecting their light planes with general aviation liability insurance. That coverage means you’ll have protection if you should get into an accident with your plane, but you should know that it’s technically not required by law in Alabama or a number of other states.

Regardless of that, though, it’s still a very good idea. Without insurance, you could find yourself with serious concerns if you happened to cause an accident with your plane. That accident could be either in the air or on the ground and could occur even if you were being careful and following all the rules. It’s like operating any other moving vehicle, in that even the best and most highly trained person could still make a mistake. It’s also possible that someone else would cause an accident but would also not have coverage, leaving you without any assistance in repairing your plane or having any injuries treated.

Fortunately, if you’re in the Fort Payne, AL area and need aviation insurance, Attain Insurance can help. We understand the unique and important needs of this type of insurance policy, and our trained agents can answer any questions you may have. You don’t have to let worries over a lack of coverage keep you from flying and enjoying your time in the air. Instead, you can get peace of mind by coming to us for your plane’s insurance needs. Then you can get back to flying and having a good time, knowing that you’re properly protected in the air and on the ground, as well.

Common Myths About Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is not a standard type of insurance. For this reason, there is so much false information and misconceptions. If you are currently looking for flood insurance to protect your property and personal belongings, here is a list of the most common myths prepared by Attain Insurance serving Fort Payne, AL about this insurance that need to be debunked: 

Myth 1: Your Home Insurance Covers Flood Damage

Unfortunately, a standard home insurance policy will not pay for flood damage, even though it covers water damage in general. Therefore, in order to fully protect your home, you need to purchase separate flood insurance. 

Myth 2: Flood Insurance Is a Waste Unless You Live in a Flood-prone Zone

Any property can flood, even if it is not located in a flood-prone zone. Therefore, it is better to protect your home or commercial property anyway and purchase a flood insurance policy. 

Myth 3: Minor Flooding Does Not Cause Serious Damage

In fact, even minor flooding can cause significant damage to a building and its contents. Just one inch of water in a house can cause over $20,000 in damage.  If you want to protect yourself and have peace of mind, flood insurance is what you need. 

Myth 4: Flood Insurance Always Covers Everything

Like any other type of insurance, flood coverage comes with limits. That means that even though you have proper coverage, it may not be enough and you will have to pay a certain amount out of pocket anyway. 

We Are Ready To Help You

Choosing proper flood insurance is not the easiest task, especially if you have never done it before. If you live in Fort Payne AL and you are thinking of getting a policy for yourself and your beloved ones, feel free to give Attain Insurance  – we are always ready to answer your questions about help you get what you really need.

Who should get a classic car insurance policy?

Owning a car in the Fort Payne, AL area is a necessity for a lot of people. For car lovers, an ultimate dream would be to one day own a classic car. When you do have a classic car, you could have a beautiful vehicle to drive around town while also enjoying the appreciation benefits that can come with it. When you are looking for a classic car here, you should get a classic car insurance policy. There are several situations when someone should get this coverage.

Those that Want to Protect Investment

One situation when someone will want to get a classic car insurance policy is when they want to protect their investment. While most vehicles will decline in value as the years go by, a classic car can actually appreciate. Due to this, you should make sure that your investment is as well protected as possible. With a classic car insurance policy, you can get the coverage needed to protect the investment benefits that come with your car.

Those that Want Correct Liability Coverage

All drivers in Alabama need to have liability coverage. However, since a classic car is driven infrequently, the actual liability risk is lower than it is with other vehicles. When you get a classic car insurance policy, your coverage will be reflective of this reduced liability risk, which could result in more affordable premiums.

There are always going to be great reasons to get into a classic car insurance policy. For those that are in the Fort Payne, AL area, it would be a good idea to call Attain Insurance to discuss your insurance needs. The team with Attain Insurance will understand how important it is that you cover your vehicle and they can help you build a quality policy.