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How Does Auto Insurance Handle Hit & Runs?

Hit and runs are very unique. It is when a driver is involved in an accident and then drives off before the police arrived and before any insurance information is exchanged. If there is a hit and run, you need to know how insurance is handled so that you can ensure sufficient coverage is in place on your policy in Alabama.

There are various types of coverage that you can add to your policy that can help to provide financial protection in the event of a hit and run. Without the police being able to inspect the other car, it may be difficult to establish who was at fault. This means you want to make sure that property damage and personal injuries are taken care of, no matter what.

Collision coverage is important to have – and it may even be required by the lien holder of your car loan or lease. It’s going to take care of repairs to your vehicle, regardless of whether you get a car or a car hit you.

Uninsured motorist coverage is also available. You can purchase both bodily injury and property damage coverage and there are various limits. The more coverage you have, the less likely chance there is of you having to pay out-of-pocket. Bodily injury could cover medical bills and lost wages for you as well as passengers while property damage can help to repair your car as well as any other property that may have been damaged.

Finally, you will want to look at personal injury protection. This provides no-fault coverage for you and your passengers in regards to medical bills. Child care costs may also be included, along with lost wages.

You want to drive around with peace of mind in Fort Payne. By contacting one of our insurance agents at Attain Insurance, we can help you to find the best quotes as well as the most coverage.


Take Care of These Fall Auto Maintenance Items

Alabama isn’t known for its treacherous winters, but the winter months can still be tough on cars in Fort Payne, AL. If you’ve let auto maintenance slide over the summer, the fall is a great time to take care of your car. At Attain Insurance, we’ve collected a short list of items to check this fall. Taking a moment or two to make sure your car’s properly cared for will help it run well when cold weather comes.

Fall Auto Maintenance Items

Most drivers in Fort Payne don’t install winter tires and winter wipers on their cars, but it’s still a good idea to check these and take care of other basic maintenance items in the fall. As school resumes and schedules calm down from summer, this is the time of year that most drivers are finally able to take care of their cars. Specific things to do include the following:

  • have your car’s tires rotated and it’s oil changed
  • change your car’s windshield wipers if they’re smearing
  • check your car’s emergency kit

If you don’t have an emergency kit in your car, now’s the perfect time to make one. Put together some water, food, a flashlight and blanket, just in case you break down.

Auto Insurance Coverage

Now is also a good time of year to review your auto insurance coverage. For help reviewing your current coverage or looking for new coverages, contact us at Attain Insurance. Our insurance agents understand that your insurance needs change from time to time, and they’ll help you get coverage that makes sense for your current situation. To get in touch with them, send us a request through our website.